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“I went to Lauren for my first acupuncture treatment just a few weeks ago. She addressed my initial concerns but I have continued to go back. I’m loving the treatments and the supplements. I am sleeping better, have less stress and just feel better than I have in a long time! I would recommend Lauren to anyone thinking about acupuncture.”

– BB

“Lauren was super sweet & quick to get me into her office when I had major back pain. She was extremely informative about the treatment and had plenty of good advice. Loved it!” -PN
“Lauren knows how to help with all kinds of ailments, so a visit to her is good for both body & soul.” -VT
“I could not have asked for a better first visit in my search for the perfect Austin acupuncturist! I can’t wait to go back, and I’m signing my sister up, too.” -SM
“Lauren is great! She is extremely educated and knowledgeable in the entire field of science and wellness. With a masters degree she knows her stuff. She is very warm and comforting and wonderful at what she does. I highly recommend her!” -AN

“I literally cannot believe that I have the honor of writing Lauren’s first review. She is an amazing acupuncturist. I saw her before and during my entire pregnancy and highly recommend her for all that ails you. She helped me with various pregnancy-related discomforts, and even gave me some tiny needles to help with nausea while I was traveling during my pregnancy. Her treatments were so incredibly relaxing – I often fell asleep on the table. She also had great advice and information about pregnancy, childbirth, and the parenting experience. She is poised and professional, yet approachable and down to earth. She also knows lots of stuff about nutrition. She also rocks at cupping! I felt like I had had a full-on massage afterwards! Thanks for everything Lauren – you’re awesome!”

-Yelp Review

“I showed up late, frazzled, and super stressed for my appointment, and Lauren immediately put me at ease with her wonderful demeanor before I was even on her table. The session was absolutely perfect, and left me calm, energized, and ready for the remainder of a long, busy day. I even slept through the night, which is not terribly common for me. This lady really knows her stuff!” -FH


“Once again I am pain free!! My sincere gratitude to Lauren. She listens, she cares and she definitely brings results!!” -SF

“Each of my visits to Lauren remind me I am with the right acupuncturist. She is obviously passionate and dedicated as it shows in her thoroughness and detail-oriented approach. Lauren helps me be an active participant in my own wellness by giving me healthy and helpful choices to make in terms of diet and lifestyle choices. I feel really good.” -TS

“My journey with acupuncture began over 2 years ago. I had suffered 3 miscarriages in a row with no medical explanation. All of my tests were normal and the only thing anyone could tell me was it’s just bad luck. Not settling for that answer and wanting to actively do something I made my very first acupuncture appointment and met Lauren. I cannot believe how incredibly lucky I was to find her healing hands. She made me feel so comfortable and listened to my entire story cover to cover. Her honesty was refreshing and I followed her advise to a T. Each week I went in to tonifying and destress my body, took my herbs religiously, and kept myself healthy and working towards my goal. It wasn’t long after that we successfully became pregnant! That alone brought on a very different need for acupuncture. I had intense morning sickness for weeks on end, followed by a pregnancy induced asthma that remained with me until delivery. Each week I saw Lauren to ease my symptoms and take the time to keep my body strong. My treatments lessened the severity of what I was dealing with and helped me push through. In the end our daughter loved acupuncture so much she was a week late! I owe so much to Lauren for helping us nurture this little nugget while she grew inside of me. Lauren’s warmth and compassion, skilled needling, and knowledge of all the extras (her extra research on my condition, diet, supplements, etc), made my whole experience beyond amazing. Now I cannot imagine my life without acupuncture. I still go in twice a month to keep myself healthy. We work on lactation, stressors, allergies, a sore knee – whatever ails me during the week. Without fail I leave my treatment feeling so much better. I don’t know how I got so lucky to get Lauren right off the bat but she is my go to acupuncturist and will remain so forever.” -SA, Registered Nurse

” I can not say enough wonderful things about Lauren. She is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and very caring. I see Lauren for fertility support and she is the best-so calming and positive and has a very relatable way of explaining fertility and acupuncture. I would highly recommend her to anyone not only for fertility, but for any ailment.” -MH
“Lauren came highly recommended by a trainer I know, and I cannot say enough about her. She is kind, professional, and is clearly doing what she’s supposed to do. I am lucky to be a client of hers and feel like I’m in the best of hands. I read another review that said she has a wonderful demeanor and totally puts you at ease, and I could not agree more!” -KG
” I was struggling with fertility, we had been actively trying to conceive for several months and found that I was not ovulating. After my first month of treatment with Lauren I began to ovulate and have done so since then, every month becoming more regular with her help. Lauren could not be more pleasant, soothing, gentle, helpful, professional and simply everything that you want in someone helping you through a difficult time. I highly recommend her.” -BB
“When I first saw Lauren, I had resigned myself to coping with chronic pain. More than just relief from a cycle of dysfunction, Lauren gave me information, care, and encouragement that I rarely experience with health care professionals. I feel well taken care of every time I have a session with her and I don’t feel judged for poor choices in the past. If you want to enjoy being on the path of wellness, see Lauren today!” -CF

“Lauren has been the best thing I have done for my health in recent years. I have been suffering for years with menstrual issues and Lauren has completely changed that for me. Through the use of herbs and acupuncture I am no longer in pain and don’t need medication. Lauren has a very strong background in western medicine and I have found this to be the perfect combo for me. I now go to Lauren as my primary source of health care and trust her implicitly. She is using a traditional medicine in a very modern and approachable way and I highly recommend her.”

– Google Review

“I was very impressed with Lauren. In addition to being a first rate acupuncturist, her knowledge of nutrition and supplements is phenomenal. That additional expertise gives her the ability to treat even the most complicated conditions. Go see her. You’ll be happy you did!” -DA
“I had a great experience yesterday. I felt very comfortable and safe to open up about what I want to work on to be healthy. I felt very relaxed in my mind and body the rest of the evening and slept great. Thank you for creating a safe place.” -MR
“My experience with Lauren and her acupuncture treatment were both first rate. Lauren is gentle, professional and highly knowledgeable. One session with Lauren provided immediate improvement in mobility and remarkable relief of my low back pain. I will continue treatments with her as a gift to myself and an investment in my continued well being, and I can recommend her to others without reservation.” -BB, Yoga Instructor
“Lauren is very professional and has a vast knowledge of acupuncture. The added plus is she is a delightful person and very accommodating to individual needs, she practices with a real understanding of the bodies systems. In addition, she has been a good source of supplies and supplements for both pain relief as well as anti-ageing and whole body improvement. I highly recommend her and her services. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her and her services.” -FC, Home Designer
“Lauren addressed all of my concerns. She made a number of excellent recommendations on supplements. She really knows her stuff!! I will definitely be back. Thank you, Lauren!!” -CH, Mom of 3
“I am so happy to know Lauren! I had tried acupuncture a few times in the past but never really felt a connection with the service provider. Then I was recommended to Lauren. She is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Someone who I feel comfortable telling my symptoms, and issues, to who can actually help. I always leave my sessions feeling so much better and looking forward to my next one. Thank you Lauren!” -MJ
“If I had to sum Lauren up in one word it would be amazing. She gave me my very first acupuncture treatment and I was hooked! Her warmth, compassion, and research on all the extras (diet, herbs, etc.) are all outstanding. She makes you feel so comfortable right off the bat and her needling is beyond effective. Lauren is simply fantastic and will always be my go to acupuncturist!” -Online Review
“I was referred to Lauren Hurst for a medical consultation and she was amazingly thorough, calm, interesting and well-educated. I completely plan to be a frequent patient and find her approach to medicine refreshing and worthy of a high recommendation.” -Online Review
” I came to Lauren as a last resort. I had been out of work for over a year with debilitating pain. The pain was so intense that I didn’t know how I could carry on through some days. I had heard about Lauren’s gentle yet highly effective approach and I decided to give it a shot. On the day of my first appointment with Lauren, my pain was so intense I could hardly open my eyes as I walked into her clinic with my hsuband leading the way. I didn’t even look up to see her face. I just remember a gentle voice, a kind touch, and the most pain relief I had felt in over a year. I couldn’t believe it and I just started to cry. Lauren and I have been working together now for a few months and my whole world has shifted. I’m going back to work, my outlook on life is positive, and my pain levels are drastically reduced. I’m forever grateful to Lauren and her knowledge; she’s a true healer.” -LB, RN
“Lauren is professional, very competent in her practice and accommodating. I recommend her services without reservation. She is also a great source for nutritional and supplement support products. Visit her – you will not be disappointed!” -FC, Online Review
“The first time I saw Lauren I was in tremendous pain after a bad work accident. After the first treatment, I went home to sleep and was not awakened from the pain for the first time in weeks. With continued treatments, pain relief is maintained and the root cause is being corrected. With Lauren’s knowledge and expert care, I have everything to live for.” -CL, Nurse
“I turned to Lauren as a last resort (and wish it would have been my first) to treat a problem with uterine fibroids for which I was recommended to have a hysterectomy. With her recommended treatment of aggressive herbal supplements + acupuncture, I have seen DRASTIC improvements in my pain: in fact, it’s almost gone! Also all of my other unpleasant side effects from the fibroids have nearly disappeared. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and saved me from having to take some very drastic measures!” -KT, Photographer

I tried a variety of traditional remedies for a sports related achilles injury before visiting Lauren. I should have seen her first! I knew within a day or two of my initial visit that I had found the answer. I echo the sentiments of the other reviewers with respect to her demeanor and passion. What a great find!” -JB, Marathon Runner

“Your work is fabulous and you make me feel incredible less pain!” -ME, Email
” Lauren, I had my first acupuncture session with you yesterday and all I can say is that I feel incredibly amazing today! For the past 9 months I was severe pain and this morning I woke up pain free!! I can move!!! You’re a Godsend! Oh, and I slept pain free and feel so incredibly refreshed this morning!!!! I can continue my Crossfit training and training for my Tough Mudder Competition!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!” -MB, RGV Client

I suffer from osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. A procedure was performed on my back which helped, but my fibro came back with increased activity. Lauren performed a cupping procedure, acupuncture and gave me a supplement. I used to function on 5-6 hours sleep but have spent 9-12 hours in bed the last few years. I awoke the next morning after 5 hours sleep, and I was my old self again. I can’t wait to see how the exercise and diet advice she gave me will help. Lauren is incredible; she cares!” -RJ, RGV Client

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