Are you addicted to sugar? You’re not alone! Sugar is one of **the** most addictive substances we have. In fact, when you ingest sugar, it activates the same part of the brain as cocaine and it’s thought to be EIGHT times more addictive. It’s a drug…..a tasty one, but it’s still a drug. One of the biggest road blocks to losing weight, getting fit, and healing is…..cravings for sugar or carbohydrates (which are pretty much sugar to the body). So, how do you overcome those food and sugar cravings that tend to derail every good intention you set for yourself?

Below you’ll find 4 steps that will drastically reduce cravings and help you overcome them naturally.

  1. Balance your blood sugar levels. To overcome sugar cravings, you need to keep sugar levels stable. You must add in healthy fat, protein and fiber with each meal to help balance sugars and keep you full longer. Below are some examples:
    1. Protein sources:
      1. Grass fed beef, free range eggs, raw cheeses, fermented dairy products, whey protein powder.
    2. Healthy fats:
      1. Nuts and seeds, chia and flax seeds, almonds, coconut oil, ghee or butter.
    3. Fiber:
      1. Vegetables, nuts and seeds, and berries (they’re lower in sugar than most fruits)
    4. Example of Putting It All Together: For breakfast, you could make a smoothie with a handful of spinach, frozen berries, 1-2 T of chia or flax meal, a scoop of grass-fed whey and 1 T coconut oil.
  2. Remove sugar and grains from the diet. It’s a vicious cycle. The more you eat, the more you crave them. To start removing them from the diet, start slowly and wean yourself off. For instance, if you have to have 2 packets of artificial sweetener in your morning coffee, reduce it to 1 for a while and then ½ packet and eventually none. Or try swapping sugars or artificial sweeteners with stevia if you must have that sweet taste. To remove grains, start replacing starchy, high glycemic options with better choices like sweet potatoes or plantains. Or, try serving yourself a much smaller portion and not the bulk of the meal.
  3. Take the right supplements to balance blood sugar levels. My favorite options to help regulate blood sugar levels (along with diet) are below:
    1. Chromium Picolinate –200mcg with meals, 3 x day helps to stabilize sugar levels.
    2. B vitamins—a good B complex vitamin can help you overcome sugar cravings, especially B6 and B12.
    3. Probiotic supplements– helps get rid of yeast and bad bacteria which balance yeast in body and reduces cravings.
    4. Fiber supplement or add in 1 T chia or flax seed per day.
  4. Find the right type of exercise. Weight training, yoga, pilates, barre or burst training will help balance blood sugar levels while things like long distance running will deplete your stores and end up causing your body to crave sugar.

Try these 4 steps to help reduce your sugar cravings naturally! If you have questions about your health, you can always contact our office for a phone consultation or assessment. Cheers!

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